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Build Your New Home

When your tastes for a home are truly unique and you cannot find a worthy dwelling place, I can help you construct the home you've always wanted. While new home construction can be tricky, the finished product is worth the struggle. There are a lot of factors to consider including the land purchase, the process, and staying within the allocated budget, but I support you throughout the entire process. Being the wife of a builder and having constructed houses ourselves, I have experience and insight to share with all my clients to guide them through the process of building a home. My connections with design teams will allow you to customize your place to your heart's content.

Different Acreages for Different Purposes

There is a wide variety of land types that offer their own unique perks for each construction project. While some may have the ability to build a basement, others have lovely waterfront views. No matter what your needs may be, I can help you find the right plot for your new home.

Decipher Construction Contracts

When you hire a home construction company, you sign a contract. If you are not familiar with contracts, you may not know what you are going to sign. Include me as part of your negotiations so you can understand every step of the process. Once you call me, we will watch the home get built together. You can also receive help with the lending process when you have plans to finance your new home.

Construction Worker